Fine Art


about me

Like any newborn, I was photographed in the early hours of my life, with the permission of my parents. Since then, I am fascinated by the image.

At the age of 15, when I was an intern at the Collège Saint-Aspais in Melun (France), on Wednesday afternoons I used to photograph landscapes, still lifes, friends and developed the photos in the laboratory which was at our disposal. This pleasure has never left me.

Later, as a journalist, I first preferred writing. Photography has gradually returned to me, over the years.
I came across jazz from the age of consciousness that is to say at 4 years old. My father, a medical student in France in the 1960s, listened to many black musicians: Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Jimmy Smith, Art Blakey, Miles Davis, Dinah Washington, Max Roach, James Brown, my musical education happened naturally.